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May 10 Work on proactive mediation of conversations while driving is covered in the New York Times and Technology Review! Other coverage here.
March 13 Hang on a Sec! Effects of Proactive Mediation of Phone Conversations while Driving' receives Honorable Mention Award at CHI 2011


December 13 'Hang on a Sec! Effects of Proactive Mediation of Phone Conversations while Driving' and 'Peripheral Computing During Presentations: Perspectives on Costs and Preferences' accepted to CHI 2011 as full paper and note respectively.
Aug 26 Journal Article on Oasis: A Framework for Linking Notification Delivery to the Perceptual Structure of User Tasks accepted to the ACM Transactions on Computer Human Interaction (TOCHI).
March 26 I am serving as the Posters Co-Chair for UIST 2010 along with Steve Voida from UCI. The CFP for Posters and Demos are here.


December 12 Paper on Cars, Calls and Cognition: Investigating Driving and Divided Attention and Mobile Task Flow in Context: A Screenshot Study of Smartphone Usage has been accepted to CHI 2010.
September 19 I am serving as an Associate Chair in the 'Understanding People, Theories and Methods' subcommittee for CHI 2010 Papers and Notes.
August 1 Note on Notifications and Awareness: A Field Study of Alert Usage and Preferences accepted to CSCW 2010.
April 9 I will be chairing the 'Security and Privacy' session in CHI 2009
Feb 1 I am serving as a program committee member for Interact 2009


August 4 I start my job as a full time researcher at Microsoft Research, Redmond.
May 12 I successfully defended! I also accepted a job offer from Microsoft Research and will be moving to Redmond at the end of the summer.


December 10 My work on Effects of Intelligent Notification Management on Users and Their Tasks is accepted as a long paper in the ACM SIGCHI conference (CHI 2008).
November 1 My work is mentioned in an article in the American Way magazine.
May 16 Our journal article on understanding mental workload patterns is accepted to ACM TOCHI
April 5 My research features on the CS departmental website and the College of Engineering website
March 25 My work at Microsoft last summer features in the NY Times
February 16 Our work on Conversation and Computing is accepted as a 5-page paper to UM 2007
January 26 Both the Breakpoints paper (with Brian) and the Disruption paper (with Eric Horvitz) are accepted as full papers to CHI 2007