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April 2, 2013 Software Makes Multiple Screens Less Distracting
John Pavlus, MIT Tech Review

May 23, 2011
Can we solve distracted driving?
Steve Clayton, Next at Microsoft

May 18, 2011 Diverting Distracted Driving - with more distractions (video clip included)
Owen Lei, King 5 News
(also published in

May 11, 2011 Hold that Call, and Focus on the Road
Duncan Graham-Rove, MIT Technology Review

May 11, 2011 Microsoft Researches mobiles phones and safe driving issues
Susan Wilson, Windows.Blorge

May 9, 2011 Microsoft: Computers could help drivers on the phone refocus on road
Greg Lamm, TechFlash
May 9, 2011 Distracted Driving: An Answer Perhaps?
Steve Lohr, The New York Times
May 9, 2011 Microsoft Research Team Tries to Keep Drivers Focused on the Road
Jacob Siegel, Microsoft News Center
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November 14, 2007

Why Multitasking Wastes Time and Money,
Jeffery Strain, Special to

November 1,  2007

Charlotte Huff (pdf)

April 5, 2007

This should take just a few seconds...
Jennifer C. LaMontagne, Department of Computer Science Website

March 25, 2007

Slow Down, Brave Multitasker, and Don’t Read This in Traffic
Steve Lohr, The New York Times

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January 23, 2007

It's time to fight back against 'infomania'
Todd Bishop, Seattle Post-Intelligencer