The 4th EuroSys Doctoral Workshop

Organised by EuroSys, the European chapter of ACM SIGOPS
Co-located with EuroSys 2010
Tuesday, 13th April, 2010
Paris, France

Previous workshops: 2005, 2008, 2009

Invited talks and attendees

Steve Hand: Doing a Phd

Chandu Thekkath: Your Research Career

The 4th EuroSys Doctoral Workshop was attended by 34 students from 24 institutions across 12 countries:

Andrei Agapi, Andrea Bartolini, Tegawende Bissyande, Antoine Boutet, Sara Bury, Adriano Cerocchi, Anja Fischer, Javi Garcia Blas, Ioana Giurgiu, Joe Hoffert, Anastasios Katsigiannis, Xavier Kauffmann, Georgia Kouveli, Dave Lillethun, Anastassios Nanos, Anja Niedermeier, Andrei Olaru, Ana Oprescu, Yiannis Papagiannis, Francesco Paterna, Christian Rossow, Sutirtha Sanyal, Nishanth Sastry, Malte Schwarzkopf, Tallat Shafaat, Steven Smith, Chris Smowton, Pierre Sutra, Ercan Ucan, Dan Ungureanu, Rosie Wacha, Zubair Wadood Bhatti, Carsten Weinhold, Ferad Zyulkyarov

Many thanks to the following senior researchers for their participation:

Gustavo Alonso, Katerina Argyraki, Paul Barham, Andrew Baumann, Frank Bellosa, Yolande Berbers, Andrew Birrell, George Candea, Jon Crowcroft, Peter Dickman, Sasha Fedorova, Armando Fox, Steve Hand, Tim Harris, Emre Kiciman, Dejan Kostic, Julia Lawall, Carlos Maltzahn, Ross McIlroy, Frank McSherry, Gilles Muller, Dushyanth Narayanan, Rodrigo Rodrigues, Timothy Roscoe, Marc Shapiro, Doug Terry, Chandu Thekkath, Eno Thereska, John Wilkes, Ted Wobber.


The doctoral workshop, which will take place on the day before the main EuroSys 2010 program, will provide a forum for PhD students to present their work and receive constructive feedback from experts in the field as well as from peers. Technical presentations will be augmented with general advice and discussions about getting a PhD, doing research, and post-doctoral careers.

We invite applications from PhD students at any stage of their doctoral studies, and plan to have about 30 attendees.

Submission instructions

Applicants are asked to put themselves into one of two groups:

Group A: planners

Description: You are focussed on research planning. For example, you may be surveying the literature to identify an important unsolved problem, or investigating the feasibility of a possible solution.

Application: Submit at most two pages describing your research proposal.

At the workshop:

  1. Give an "elevator pitch" presentation of your proposal. This is a short 5-minute presentation, with only a couple of slides, identifying the problem that you're tackling, showing why it is important, and outlining possible solutions or directions.
  2. Present a poster on your proposal.

Group B: finishers

Description: You are close to finishing your thesis and are thinking about how to write up your research. You may also be considering post-doctoral career options.

Application: Send a pointer to a paper that you have written about the main contribution of your doctoral research. This need not be published under peer review, it might also be a tech report, a paper under submission, or a draft article, and it can be any length.

At the workshop:

  1. Give a 15-minute presentation on your research, in the style of a conference presentation. This will typically describe the problem, say why it matters, and present your solution along with some evaluation.
  2. Present a poster on your research.

All applicants can expect critical, but constructive, feedback on their research or research proposal. Please come prepared to engage with your peers, as well as with the senior researchers who will be there to share their expertise. The posters will provide the opportunity to present more technical detail than is possible in a short presentation, and you can expect in-depth feedback on the work you describe. You will also have the option of displaying your poster throughout the main conference.

To apply, please send email to Rebecca Isaacs, stating whether you are Group A or Group B, and either your research proposal, or a recent paper describing your research contribution, according to the instructions given above. You can attach files in the email (please use pdf if possible), or send a URL. Please also state your institution and the name of your PhD advisor.


The workshop is generously sponsored by EuroSys. Registration to the workshop will be free of charge. Students are also encouraged to apply for EuroSys student travel grants.

Senior people (faculty and industry researchers): if you are willing to donate a little of your time, knowledge, wisdom and experience to help PhD students, please send an email to Rebecca Isaacs. In particular, if you are already planning to attend EuroSys 2010 and could spare a couple of hours during that week for an in-depth discussion with a student about their research, please let me know. Your participation would be greatly appreciated!

Important dates

Submissions due: 14th February 2010
Acceptance notification: 21st February 2010
Workshop: 13th April 2010


The doctoral workshop is arranged by EuroSys (the European chapter of ACM SIGOPS) as part of their work on promoting systems research in Europe.

The organisation for this meeting is done by an informal committee of academic and industrial researchers with a particular interest in promoting and encouraging doctoral research in systems.

Committee members


Please contact Rebecca Isaacs with any questions.