Pushmeet Kohli

Machine Learning and Perception
Microsoft Research Cambridge
pkohli [@] microsoft.com


Psychometrics Centre
University of Cambridge

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Past and Current Students and Interns

  • Lubor Ladicky, PhD student 2007-2011, (now Post-doc at Oxford)
  • Dhruv Batra, Intern 2010 (now Asst. Professor at TTI Chicago)
  • Michal Kosinski, Intern 2010 (now at Psychometrics Centre, Cambridge)
  • Patrick Pletscher, Intern 2010 (PhD student at ETH)
  • Bangpeng Yao, Intern 2010 (PhD student at Stanford)
  • Olga Barinova, Intern 2009 (now at Moscow State University)
  • Hannes Nickish, Intern 2009 (now at Philips Research)
  • Sara Vicente, Intern 2008
  • Dheeraj Singaraju, Intern 2008
  • Kyomin Jung, Intern 2008 (now Asst. Professor at KAIST)
  • Other Collaborators

  • Shahram Izadi, MSR Cambridge
  • Yoram Bachrach, MSR Cambridge
  • Thore Graepel, MSR Cambridge
  • Jamie Shotton, MSR Cambridge
  • Sebastian Nowozin, MSR Cambridge
  • Carsten Rother, MSR Cambridge
  • Andrew Fitzgibbon, MSR Cambridge
  • Otmar Hilliges, MSR Cambridge
  • Philip Torr, Oxford Brookes University
  • M Pawan Kumar, Ecole Centrale Paris
  • Richard Newcombe, Imperial
  • Chang Yoo, KAIST
  • More extended list at the DBLP site
  • Dear collaborator, please send me a mail if your name is missing from this list and you would want me to add it here.