BABEL 2001 final programme

Firenze, Italy, 8th September 2001

9:00-10:30. Session 1

Invited talk: Towards a Principled Multi-Language Infrastructure
Zhong Shao (Yale University)
A framework for interoperability
Kathleen Fisher (AT&T Labs, Research), Riccardo Pucella (Cornell University) and John Reppy (Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs)

11:00-12:30. Session 2

Alice in the Land of Oz - An Interoperability-based Implementation of a Functional Language on Top of a Relational Language
Leif Kornstaedt (Universitšt des Saarlandes)
No-Longer-Foreign: Teaching an ML compiler to speak C "natively"
Matthias Blume (Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs)
ILX: Extending the .NET Common IL for Functional Language Interoperability
Don Syme (Microsoft Research, Cambridge)

14:00-15:30. Session 3

Compiling Mercury to the .NET Common Language Runtime
Tyson Dowd, Fergus Henderson (University of Melbourne) and Peter Ross (Mission Critical, Belgium)
Object-Oriented Style Overloading for Haskell
Mark Shields and Simon Peyton Jones (Microsoft Research, Cambridge)
Annotations for Portable Intermediate Languages
Fermin Reig (University of Glasgow)

16:00-17:30. Session 4

Active Oberon for .NET: An Exercise in Object Model Mapping
Jurg Gutknecht (ETH Zurich)
Language-Agnostic Approaches to Mobile Code
Peter Housel, Christian Stork, Vivek Haldar, Niall Dalton and Michael Franz (University of California, Irvine)
Tail call elimination on the Java Virtual Machine
Michel Schinz and Martin Odersky (Ecole Polytechnique Fťdťrale de Lausanne)