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Nathalie Henry (c) Yann Riche

Recent personal activities

Recent professionnal activities

  • Program Committee Member
  • Phd Advising Committee Member
        Jagoda Walny, University of Calgary
        Basak Alper, UC Santa Barbara
  • Internship (co)Mentor
        Fereshteh Amini, University of Manitoba
        Sanjay Kairam, Stanford University
        Kasper Dinkla, Eindhoven University of Technology
        Sohaib Ghani, Purdue University
        Marian Doerk University of Calgary
        Jagoda Walny, University of Calgary
        Basak Alper, UC Santa Barbara
        Jeffrey Browne, UC Santa Barbara
        Cody Dunne, University of Maryland
        Uta Hinrichs, University of Calgary


since december 2008

Researcher in the NeXuS group at Microsoft Research, Seattle, US.

from october 2004 to july 2008

Ph. D. in Information Visualization. Exploration of large social networks with matrix-based representations. Cotutelle INRIA/Université Paris-Sud, France and University of Sydney, Australia.

from 2001 to 2004

Engineering degree in Computer Science and research master's in Computer Graphics in parallel (2004), National Institute of Applied Sciences(INSA)/University of Lyon, France.

march 2003

First contact with the field of information visualization at University of Sydney, Australia.

april 2001

First steps in a research lab. at Napier University, Scotland.

from 1998 to 2001

Technical degree in Computer Science, University Institute of Technology, Université Paris-Sud, France.

september 1998

First lines of code in C++ at Université Paris-Sud, France.