Melissa Chase

I am a researcher in the Cryptography group at Microsoft Research Redmond. My research focuses on defining and constructing cryptographic protocols and primitives. Some areas I have worked in include anonymous credentials and e-cash, non-interactive zero knowledge proofs, primitives providing controlled malleability, and constructions for signatures schemes and attribute-based encryption and more generally pairing-based cryptography.

I completed a phd in Computer Science at Brown University, working under Anna Lysyanskaya. For the summer of 2007 I went to IBM Zurich to work with Jan Camenisch in the idemix group, and I spent the semester of fall 2006 at the cryptography program at UCLA's IPAM. I did my undergrad at Harvey Mudd College in Computer Science and Math (class of 2003).


Eurocrypt 2015 — Melissa Chase, Rafail Ostrovsky, Ivan Visconti. Executable Proofs, Input-Size Hiding Secure Computation and a New Ideal World (to appear)

PKC 2015 — Foteini Baldimtsi, Melissa Chase, Georg Fuchsbauer, Markulf Kohlweiss. Anonymous Transferable E-Cash (to appear)

ACM CCS 2014 — Melissa Chase, Sarah Meiklejohn, Greg Zaverucha. Algebraic MACs and Keyed-Verification Anonymous Credentials (full version)

CSF 2014 — Melissa Chase, Markulf Kohlweiss, Anna Lysyanskaya, Sarah Meiklejohn. Malleable Signatures: New Definitions and Delegatable Anonymous Credentials (full version)

Eurocrypt 2014 — Melissa Chase, Sarah Meiklejohn. Deja Q: Using Dual Systems to Revisit q-Type Assumptions (full version)

PKC 2014 — Nishanth Chandran, Melissa Chase, Feng-Hao Liu, Ryo Nishimaki, Keita Xagawa. Re-encryption, Functional Re-encryption, and Multi-hop Re-encryption: A Framework for Achieving Obfuscation-Based Security and Instantiations from Lattices.

TCC 2013 — Melissa Chase, Markulf Kohlweiss, Anna Lysyanskaya, Sarah Meiklejohn. Succinct Malleable NIZKs and an Application to Compact Shuffles (full version)

PKC 2013 — Melissa Chase, Markulf Kohlweiss, Anna Lysyanskaya, Sarah Meiklejohn. Verifiable Elections That Scale for Free (full version)

Asiacrypt 2012 — Masayuki Abe, Melissa Chase, Bernardo David, Markulf Kohlweiss, Ryo Nishimaki and Miyako Ohkubo. Constant-Size Structure-Preserving Signatures: Generic Constructions and Simple Assumptions (full version)

SCN 2012 — Melissa Chase and Markulf Kohlweiss. A New Hash and Sign Approach and Structure-Preserving Signatures from DLIN (full version)

Crypto 2012 — Melissa Chase and Ivan Visconti. Secure Database Commitments and Universal Arguments of Quasi Knowledge (full version)

ISCA 2012 — Jonathan Valamehr, Melissa Chase, Seny Kamara, Andrew Putnam, Daniel Shumow, Vinod Vaikuntanathan, and Timothy Sherwood. Inspection Resistant Memory: Architectural Support for Security from Physical Examination

Eurocrypt 2012 — Melissa Chase, Markulf Kohlweiss, Anna Lysyanskaya, Sarah Meiklejohn. Malleable Proof Systems and Applications (full version)

TCC 2012 — Nishanth Chandran, Melissa Chase, Vinod Vaikuntanathan. Functional Re-encryption and Collusion-Resistant Obfuscation (full version)

Asiacrypt 2010 — Melissa Chase and Seny Kamara. Structured Encryption and Controlled Disclosure (full version)

HealthSec 2010 — Melissa Chase and Kristin Lauter. An Anonymous Health Care System

ACM CCS 2009 — Melissa Chase and Sherman Chow. Improving Privacy and Security in Multi-Authority Attribute-Based Encryption

ACM CCSW 2009 — Josh Benaloh, Melissa Chase, Eric Horvitz, Kristin Lauter. Patient Controlled Encryption: patient privacy in electronic medical records

Crypto 2009 — Mira Belenkiy, Jan Camenisch, Melissa Chase, Markulf Kohlweiss, Anna Lysyanskaya, Hovav Shacham. Randomizable Proofs and Delegatable Anonymous Credentials

Pairing 2009 — Mira Belenkiy, Melissa Chase, Markulf Kohlweiss, Anna Lysyanskaya. Compact E-Cash and Simulatable VRFs Revisited

NetEcon 2008 — Mira Belenkiy, Melissa Chase, C. Chris Erway, John Jannotti, Alptekin Kupcu, Anna Lysyanskaya. Incentivising Outsourced Computation

TCC 2008 — Mira Belenkiy, Melissa Chase, Markulf Kohlweiss, Anna Lysyanskaya. P-signatures and Non-Interactive Anonymous Credentials

WPES 2007 — Mira Belenkiy, Melissa Chase, C. Chris Erway, John Jannotti, Alptekin Kupcu, Anna Lysyanskaya, Eric Rachlin. Making P2P Accountable without Losing Privacy

Crypto 2007 — Melissa Chase and Anna Lysyanskaya. Simulatable VRFs with Applications to Multi-Theorem NIZK

TCC 2007 — Melissa Chase. Multi-Authority Attribute Based Encryption

Crypto 2006 — Melissa Chase and Anna Lysyanskaya. On Signatures of Knowledge (full version)

Eurocrypt 2005 — Melissa Chase, Alexander Healy, Anna Lysyanskaya, Tal Malkin, Leonid Reyzin. Mercurial Commitments with Applications to Zero-Knowledge Sets (full version)

Other Activities

Program Committees

I am on the following program committees:

TCC 2016
PKC 2016
Crypto 2015 , August 16-20
ACNS 2015 , June 2-5
PKC 2015 , March 20 - April 1
CCSW 2013 , Nov 8
Eurocrypt 2013 , May 26-30
SCN 2012 , September 5-7 18
Pairing 2012 , May 16-18
TCC 2011 , March 28-30
PKC 2011 , March 6-9
CANS 2010 , December 12-14
Pairings 2009, August 12-14
CT-RSA 2009 , April 20-24
Crypto 2008, August 17-21

Please send good papers, and come and enjoy the conferences!


I have worked with the following great interns:
Shashank Agrawal (UIUC), Summer 2014
Foteini Baldimtsi (Brown), Fall 2013
Sarah Meiklejohn (UCSD), Summer 2011, Summer 2013
Feng-Hao Liu (Brown), Summer 2012
Nishanth Chandran (UCLA), Summer 2010
Emily Shen (MIT), Summer 2010
Adam O'Neill (Georgia Tech), Summer 2009
Sherman Chow (NYU), Summer 2008 (co-mentored with Kristin Lauter and Seny Kamara)

If you are interested in an internship with the Cryptography Group, upload an application here, and send an email to me or one of the other group members. Also see Seny Kamara's blog post on internships at MSR.

Cryptography Colloquium

I am also co-organizing the MSR Redmond Cryptography Colloquium.


In the fall semester of '09 I taught a course at the University of Washington: CSE 599B Cryptography. See for more information.

Contact Info

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