Mark Marron
Senior Research Software Development Engineer @ Microsoft Research (Redmond Lab) in the RiSE Group
Email: marron at microsoft dot com
twitter: @mrkmarron

My current research interests include debugging/development tools, managed runtimes, and heap analysis (both static and dynamic). I am also very interested in the topic of program synthesis and in how it can be used to assist both programmers and end-users.

JavaScript Time-Travel Debugger

I am currently focused on creating a very low-overhead Time-Traveling Debugger in the ChakraCore JavaScript engine (running in a HTML or Node.js host). The goal of this work is to provide reverse step versions of the usual step forward operations provided by a debugger to enable a developer to easily reverse program execution time to see the exact sequence of statements and program values leading to an error.

The feature is now being developed as part of the open-source ChakraCore JavaScript engine.
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I am from Albuquerque, New Mexico (in the USA). As an undergraduate I attended UC Berkeley and obtained a BA in Mathematics. I received my Ph.D. from the University of New Mexico under the supervision of Prof. Deepak Kapur. I spent 2008-2012 at the Imdea Software Institute in Madrid Spain before taking my current position at Microsoft Research.