Li-Wei He

Research Software Design Engineer

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1-425-703-6259 (*)
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I am a Research Software Design Engineer at the Communication, Collaboration and Signal Processing Group at Microsoft Research.  My current project is the Whiteboard Capture System and audio processing for Real-Time Communication.

I am on leave from the Ph.D. program at Stanford Graphics Laboratory.  where I worked on the design of a 3D scanning gantry and a real-time 3D video camera based on active light projection and other  computer graphics related projects.

Recent Publications and Talks

A Portable Solution for Automatic Lecture Room Camera Management. (Word, PDF) Proceedings of ICME 2004.

High-Quality Linear Interpolation for Demosaicing of Bayer-Patterned Color Images. (Word, PDF) Proceedings of IEEE ICASPP 2004.

Note-Taking with a Camera: Whiteboard Scanning and Image Enhancement. (Word, PDF) Proceedings of IEEE ICASPP 2004.

Automating Lecture Capture and Broadcast: Technology and Videography. (Word, PDF) ACM/Springer Multimedia Systems Journal.

Why Take Notes? Use the Whiteboard Capture System. (Word, PDF) Proceedings of IEEE ICASPP 2003.

Exploring Benefits of Non-Linear Time Compression. (Word, PDF, PowerPoint) Proceedings of ACM Multimedia 2001.

Building an Intelligent Camera Management System. (Word, PDF) Proceedings of ACM Multimedia 2001.

Virtual Cinematography: Theory and Practice for Automatic Real-Time Camera Control and Directing. (PowerPoint slides for the graphics course in MSR Beijing on April 29, 2000 and PowerPoint slides for the seminar in Xi'an Jiaotong University on April 24, 2000) 

Designing Presentations for On-Demand Viewing. (Word, PDF) Proceedings of ACM CSCW 2000.

Comparing Presentation Summaries: Slides vs. Reading vs. Listening. (Word, PDF, PowerPoint) Proceedings of ACM CHI 2000

Auto-Summarization of Audio-Video Presentations. (Word, PDF, PowerPoint)  Proceedings of ACM Multimedia 1999.  The best paper award of the conference.

Rendering with Concentric Mosaics. (PDF and Video)  Proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH 1999.

Time-Compression: Systems Concerns, Usage, and Benefits. (Word, PDF, PowerPoint)  Proceedings of ACM CHI 1999.

Travel Schedule

11/20/2001 - 11/27/2001 Vacation in Miami, FL
10/01/2001 - 10/06/2001 Multimedia 01 in Ottawa, Ontario
03/10/2001 - 03/13/2001 ACM 2001 in San Jose, CA
02/09/2001 - 02/18/2001 Vacation in Hawaii
12/03/2000 - 12/06/2000 CSCW 2000 in Philadelphia, PA
10/31/2000 - 11/03/2000 Multimedia 2000 in Los Angles, CA
05/02/2000 - 05/09/2000 Vacation in Shanghai, China
04/19/2000 - 05/01/2000 Graphics seminar in Beijing, China
03/31/2000 - 04/06/2000 CHI 2000 in Hague, Holland
11/05/1999 - 11/10/1999 Vacation in Orlando, FL
11/01/1999 - 11/04/1999 Multimedia 99 in Orlando, FL
08/10/1999 - 08/13/1999 SIGGRAPH 99 in Los Angles, CA

05/18/1999 - 05/21/1999

CHI 99 in Pittsburgh, PA