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I am a Principle Research Software Development Engineer of the RISE group of Microsoft Research. Microsoft Automatic Graph Layout, GLEE in the past, is one of my current projects.  Microsoft Automatic Graph Layout  is .NET toof for drawing graphs. It is included in Visual Studio Ultimate 2010, and in Visual Studio Professional 2012 and higher versions of Visual Studio. In addition to Graph Drawing I worked on stochastic games, test strategies,  and general algorithms on graphs. This work has been done while developing Spec Explorer, an advanced model-based testing tool. During the Spec Explorer project I was mainly responsible for the Finite State Machine viewing and graph traversal algorithms.

Before moving to Redmond, WA, I was the manager of the Geometry and Kinematics team of Tecnomatix, an Israeli software company. Over there I was involved in

In Russia I was developing Computer Aided Design systems and teaching in the Ural State University of Yekaterinburg, Russia. I received my PHD on General Topology in the same university, that later became the Ural State University.


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