I'm a Principal Researcher in the RiSE group at Microsoft Research.


Z3: Theorem Prover


I moved my homepage to leodemoura.github.io

Slides for the SAT/SMT summer school 2013.


I really enjoy teaching. Here is a list of courses I have taught in the past.

Professional Activities

CADE 24 (PC), TACAS'13 (PC), SAT'13 (PC), NFM'13 (PC), SBMF'13 (PC co-chair), POPL'13 (ERC), SAT'12 (PC), VSTTE'12 (PC), FM'12 (PC), CADE'11 (PC), SMT'11 (PC), PxTP'11 (PC), SAT'11 (PC), LICS'11 (PC), EMS+QMS 2010 (Panelist), SMT'10 (PC), TACAS'10 (PC), FMCAD'09 (PC), SMT'09 (PC), AFM'09 (PC), BPR'09 (PC), Beyond-SAT'09 (PC), FroCoS'09 (PC), AFM'08 (PC), IJCAR'08 (tutorial: SMT in program verification), SMT'08 (co-chair), SAT'08 (PC), BPR'08 (PC), AFM'07 (PC), SMT'07 (PC), SAT'07 (PC), FMDCAD'06 (tutorial chair, PC), PDPAR'06 (PC), SMT-COMP'06 (organizer), SMT-COMP'05 (organizer).