10th Annual Pacific Northwest Number Theory Conference

February 25-26, 2006

Co-hosted by Digipen Institute of Technology and Microsoft Research

Organizers: Matt Klassen and Kristin Lauter

Schedule of Talks

Saturday, February 25

9:30 Coffee

10-11 Bjorn Poonen, UC Berkeley

"Curves dominated by an unramified cover of another curve"

11:30-12:30 Rachel Pries, Colorado State University

"The p-torsion of curves in characteristic p"


2:30-3:30 Tom Schmidt, Oregon State University

"Billiards and Ramified Covers of Curves"

4-5 Chris Sinclair, PIMS, University of British Columbia

"Special Functions and the Range of Mahler Measure"


Conference Dinner


Sunday, February 26

8:30 Coffee

9-10 Renate Scheidler, University of Calgary

"Construction of Hyperelliptic Function fields of High Three-Rank"

10:30-11:30 Denis Charles, Microsoft Research

"Distortion maps on elliptic curves"


1:30-2:30 Imin Chen, Simon Fraser University

"Diophantine equations via Galois representations"

3-4 William Stein, UC San Diego

"SAGE -- Software for Algebra and Geometry Experimentation"

Local information and directions

Graduate student support: Some support for graduate students to attend is being funded by the Number Theory Foundation.  Please contact the organizers to apply.

Conference hotel: Redmond Marriott  Call 1-800-228-9290 by January 27 to get the "Digipen conference" rate of $99/night. 

Registration is not required, but please email the organizers if you plan to attend so we can plan for the dinner. 

Dinner will take place at Desert Fire Cafe, near the conference hotel in Redmond Town Center.