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PhotoTOC Demo Page

There is a on-line demo available, which illustrates the PhotoToC user interface applied to my photographs. Please use a frame-enabled browser to view the demo. Make sure that the browser window is at least 1024 by 768: the contents of the window do not reshape to fit the window.

PhotoTOC consists of two panes: an overview pane on the left, and a detail pane on the right. All of the user�s photographs are shown in the right pane, sorted by increasing creation date. The overview pane on the left is a table of contents that is automatically generated from the user�s photographs. Selecting a thumbnail in the left pane will scroll the right pane to show the selected thumbnail and other temporally adjacent photographs. Selecting a thumbnail in the right pane will show a full-sized version of the thumbnail. To save space on the server, these full-sized images are reduced in size for this demo.

View the demo.

 > Projects > AutoAlbum > PhotoTOC Demo