Epitomic analysis of appearance and shape


We present novel simple appearance and shape models that we call epitomes. The epitome of an image is its miniature, condensed version containing the essence of the textural and shape properties of the image.  As opposed to previously used simple image models, such as templates or basis functions, the   size of the epitome is considerably smaller than the size of the image or the object it represents, but the epitome still contains most of the constitutive elements needed to reconstruct the image.  A collection of images often shares and epitome, e.g. when images are a few consecutive frames from a video sequence, or when they are photographs of similar objects. A particular image in a collection is defined by its epitome and a smooth mapping from the epitome to the image pixels.  When the epitomic representation is used within a hierarchical generative model, appropriate inference algorithms can be derived to extract the epitome from a single image or collection of images and at the same time, perform various inference task such as image segmentation, motion estimation, object removal and super-resolution.


N.Jojic, B.Frey & A.Kannan , "Epitomic Analysis of Appearance and Shape", To be presented at ICCV 2003 

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Epitome is an efficient representation useful for many vision tasks, such as image denoisingrecognition/detection, multiple-cause summarization, indexing and retrieval, image editing, and image segmentation.