Jin Li, Principal Researcher & Research Manager
Cloud Computing and Storage
MSR Technologies
Email: jinl@microsoft.com

Communication and Networking

  1. RemoteFX for WAN (in Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012).
  2. Dr. Li has assisted the technical evaluation of the acquisition of Calista Technologies. He became aware that the new Remote Desktop experience requires significant improvement in transport to provide a fast and fluid user experience. He and Sanjeev Mehrotra have worked together to develop a new UDP transport that was optimized for networks with packet loss with FEC to recover from losses without retransmission [Paper], and a new rate control protocol URCP [Paper] that learnt network parameters to achieve best performance across any networks. When you see this screen shot, RemoteFX for WAN is functioning. RemoteFX for WAN is the default Remoting protocol for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.

  3. BranchCahce
  4. He has developed and coded the content aware chunking algorithm used for Windows 8 BranchCache, a serverless P2P sharing protocol.

  5. NAT Traversal
  6. He developed the symmetric NAT traversal algorithm used in Windows Live Mesh and Teredo (after Windows 7). At time of deployment, it raises the NAT traversal scucess rate from 60% to 85%.

  7. Erasure coding.
  8. His team (especially Sanjeev Mehrotra , Cheng Huang ) have architected and coded the erasure coding used in Lync, Xbox and RemoteFX for WAN.

  9. Bandwidth management
  10. He has contributed to the bandwidth management and QoS monitoring design of Lync 2013.