Jin Li, Principal Researcher & Research Manager
Cloud Computing and Storage
MSR Technologies
Email: jinl@microsoft.com

Dr. Jin Li's research spans across a diversified multidisciplinary field covers compression, communication and storage. He has in-depth background in information theory, signal processing and communication theory, and has chosen to apply the theoretical knowledge to practical system building, especially the building of complicated distributed systems. He believes that a fertile ground of major research innovation lies in the cross-pollination of knowledges from multiple research disciplines, e.g., signal processing, information theory, communication theory, distributed system, database, which enables the idea to flow between different fields that leads to a growth dynamic and major technological innovations.

He also believes that a major driving force of innovation comes from the needs of the industries. He has actively participated in Microsoft Technical Community Network (TCN), through which he has learnt many of the latest developments in the information industry, e.g., the development of networking technologies and the quest of every increasing bandwidth, the ever perversavie deployment of VoIP, video conferencing, Telepresence and the quest for the quality of servicve, the inner working of hard drive storage device and the latest development of the hard drive industry, the development of flash memory and other non-volatile memory device, their inner working and the implication on storage system design, the industry desire for a reliable storage at low cost, the rise of the MapReduce and NoSQL movement, Dryad and DryadLINQ, the seas of data and the quest to make sense of the data. He has been constantly observing the challenges of the industry, picking the harder problems that need research, and develop a multi-year research agenda which allows him and his team to work out solutions that have a great impact on the industry.