Jin Li, Principal Researcher & Research Manager
Cloud Computing and Storage
MSR Technologies
Email: jinl@microsoft.com

Prajna: Cloud Service and Interactive Big Data Analytics

Dr. Li's latest passion is Prajna, a distributed computing platform. Prajna is developed echoing the call for Microsoft to be the productivity and platform company for the mobile-first and cloud-first world. It fills the void of real-time big data computing on .Net platform. Prajna is open sourced at https://github.com/msrccs/Prajna/. It is designed to be a generic distributed computing platform, with core functionality being the execution of an arbitrary closure (C#, F#, native code, etc.) on any remote node, in public cloud or in private cluster. It supports interactive big data computing across a cluster with in-memory computation. The programming API is similar to Spark. Prajna has also a managed web service (Prajna Hub), which can help developer to quickly prototype and host cloud service and run services on mobile Apps. Prajna also supports distributed machine learning (e.g., distributed neural network trainer using Caffe on each node). Please find more information at: http://msrccs.github.io/Prajna/ .