Search by Color on Bing Image Search

Jingdong Wang, Xian-Sheng Hua, and Shipeng Li (MSR Asia Research side)
Gong Cheng, Weipeng Liu, and Gang Chen (MSR Asia Develop side)
Microsoft Bing Multimedia Search Team)

Search by color is a new feature in Microsoft Bing image search to perform interactive image search. Search by color will find images (1) that contain a main color, e.g., red, orange, blue, or (2) that contain colors whose spatial distribution is consistent with user's sketch, or an example image with erased regions or overlapped colors. PDF


Find the search by color interface

visit, expand the color filter and click the specific color link



Main color


Color sketch


Example image (drag one image from the result page into the specific color window)


Hybrid case 1


Hybrid case 2


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