Color Filter for Bing Image Search

Peng Wang, Dongqing Zhang, Jingdong Wang and Shipeng Li (Microsoft Research Asia)
Zhong Wu and Xian-Sheng Hua (Microsoft Bing)


Image search relying on surrounding texts can return reliably relevant images to some extent. Most recent efforts are focusing on utilizing visual contents to help users find images with specific visual requirements. In this demonstration, we show a color filter scheme for image search, which enables users to find images containing objects or scenes with their interested color. Color is one of the most crucial cues in describing visual contents and has been frequently used in various applications. The key components in developing our demo include salient object detection and perceptual color naming. The color filter in Microsoft Bing image search is developed using these techniques.

Bing image search color filter


Search results with the query dog
Filtered results by the RED color:
Search results with the query sunset

Filtered results by the Blue color
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