Learning to Detect A Salient Object

Tie Liu, Jian Sun, Nan-Ning Zheng, Xiaoou Tang and Heung-Yeung Shum. Learning to Detect A Salient Object. In Proc. IEEE Cont. on Computer Vision and pattern Recognition (CVPR), Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2007.

Salient Object Features:    salient object feature maps and our detection results

Comparison:                      comparison with other algorithms: FG(Ma,2003)[1], SM(Itti,1998)[2]

Additional Examples:         partial examples in image sets A and B

Salient Object Features:            more results                                                             

Input image Multi-scale contrast Center- surround histogram Color spatial-distribution Binary labeled result

Comparison:                               more comparisons                                                   

FG(Ma,2003) SM(Itti,1998) Our approach Ground truth

Additional Examples:                              

partial examples (1,696 images) from image set A:

partial examples (720 images) from image set B:


1. Y.-F. Ma and H.-J. Zhang. Contrast-based image attention analysis by using fuzzy growing. In Proceedings of the eleventh ACM international conference on Multimedia table of contents, pages 374–381, 2003.

2.L. Itti, C. Koch, and E. Niebur. A model of saliency-based visual attention for rapid scene analysis. IEEE Trans. Pattern Anal.Mach. Intell., 20(11):1254–1259, 1998.