A fresh look at generalized sampling

A fresh look at generalized sampling
Diego Nehab, Hugues Hoppe.
Foundations and Trends in Computer Graphics and Vision, 8(1), 2014.
Extension of recent signal-processing techniques to graphics filtering.
Abstract: Discretization and reconstruction are fundamental operations in computer graphics, enabling the conversion between sampled and continuous representations. Major advances in signal-processing research have shown that these operations can often be performed more efficiently by decomposing a filter into two parts: a compactly supported continuous-domain function and a digital filter. This strategy of “generalized sampling” has appeared in a few graphics papers, but is largely unexplored in our community. This survey broadly summarizes the key aspects of the framework, and delves into specific applications in graphics. Using new notation, we concisely present and extend several key techniques. In addition, we demonstrate benefits for prefiltering in image downscaling and supersample-based rendering, and analyze the effect that generalized sampling has on the noise due to Monte Carlo estimation. We conclude with a qualitative and quantitative comparison of traditional and generalized filters.
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