Helen Jiahe Wang
Principal Researcher and Research Manager
Microsoft Research
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052 USA
425-707-4249 (Office)
425-936-7329 (Fax)
helenw AT microsoft DOT com (E-mail)

Hi, I am a research manager for security and privacy research at MSR Redmond. I am also a principal researcher interested in web, browser, mobile security and systems, network security in general. Some noteworthy projects that I have led include: ServiceOS (including MashupOS and Gazelle), Shield (including BrowserShield), and PeerPressure, each of which have yielded technology transfer into Microsoft products.

One of the perks of being a researcher at MSR is the opportunity to work with the best Ph.D. students out there through internships. I have thoroughly enjoyed working closely with these outstanding students: Nikita Borisov (2004 on GAPA, FTN), David Brumley (2004 on GAPA), Qiang Huang (2004, FTN), Xuxian Jiang (2005, RandSys), Sam King (2005, Subvirt), Tao Jiang (2005, location privacy), Justin Ma (2005, exploit diversity), Charlie Reis (2005, BrowserShield), Collin Jackson (2006, Subspace, MashupOS), Bryan Parno (2006, SAV-V), Michael E. Locasto (2006, ShieldGen), Jayanthkumar Kannan (2006, Discoverer), Li Zhuang (2007, Botnet characterization), Chris Grier (2008, Gazelle), Alex Moshchuk (2008-2009, Gazelle, ServiceOS), Raluca Popa (2009, CloudProof), Kapil Singh (2009, WebAnalyzer), Adrienne Felt (2010, Permission Re-delegation), Jason Franklin (2010, formal model for browsers), Franziska Roesner (2010-2011, ACGs), Alexei Czeskis (2011, CSRF defense with RACL), David Huang(2011, InContext), Alan Dunn (2012, AROS), Suman Jana (2012, AROS).

During my sabbatical in Winter 2015, I had fun and fulfillment to build 6crickets website to help parents much more easily discover, schedule, pay and share their children's activities, such as summer camps and after-school programs.

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