Patents (Partial list)

         Data Difference Guided Image Capturing.

  •  Adjustable and Progressive Mobile Device Street View.

       United States Patent 329856. Issued October 9, 2013.  Inventors: Eyal Ofek, Michael Cohen, Johannes Kopf, Casey Stien


  • Path Queries
    • United States 8694383, Issued April 8, 2014. Inventors: Eyal Ofek, Ido Omer, Stephan Lawler.


  • Electromechanical Surface of rotational elements for motion compensation of moving object assignee
    • United States 8675018, Issued March 18, 2014. Inventors: Eyal Ofek, Gur Kimchi, Pragyan Mishra.
  • Image-Based Localization for Addresses
    • United States patent 8688368. Issued April 1, 2014. Inventors: Eyal Ofek, Pragyan Mishra

         Depersonalizing Location Traces.

         Tagging Video Using Character Recognition And Propagation.

         Annotating Images with Instructions.

          Method, Medium, and System for Ranking Dishes at Eating Establishments

         Spatially Registering User Photographs

         Visualizing Camera Feeds On a Map

o    Unites States patent 8237791, Issued August 7, 2012.Inventors: Eyal Ofek & Billy Chen

         Factoring Repeated Content Within And Among Images

         Importance Guided Image Transformation

         cognitive Agent

         Geocoding by Image Matching

         Factoring Repeating content within and among Images

         Importance Guided Image Transformation

         Cognitive Agent

         Augmenting Images For Panoramic Display

o    United States Patent 8009178 Issued August 30, 2011. Inventors: Eyal Ofek, Bill Chen

         Smart navigation for 3D maps

o    United States Patent 8098245 Issued January 17, 2012. Inventors: Eyal Ofek, Bill Chen

         Dynamic map rendering as a function of a user parameter

o    United States Patent 8103445 Issued January 24, 2012. Inventors: Eyal Ofek

         Hybrid maps with embedded street-side images

         Visual assessment of landmarks

         Semi-automatic plane extrusion for 3D modeling

         Multi-directional image displaying device

         Flexible matching with combinational similarity

         Displaying images related to a requested path

         Camera based orientation for mobile devices

         Techniques for decoding images of barcodes

         Landmark-based routing

         Geo-tagging Photographs Using Annotations

o    United States Patent 7991283. Issued August 2, 2011. Inventors: Eyal Ofek, Bill Chen, Pragyan Mishra

         Image completion

o    United States Patent 7889947. Issued February 15, 2011 Inventors: Eyal Ofek, Yonatan Wexler

         Street-side maps and paths

o    United States Patent 7840032 Issued November 23, 2010. Inventors: Eyal Ofek

         Modeling and texturing digital surface models in a mapping application

         System for guided photography based on image capturing device rendered user recommendations

         Mode information displayed in a mapping application

         Detection of Objects in Images

o    United States Patent 20100246890 Filed March 26, 2009 Inventors:Eyal Ofek, Kartik Muktinutalapati, Ido Omer, Michael Kroepfl

         Remote Control of On Screen Interaction

o    United States Patent 7477236 Issued January 13 2009