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   What is the WinMine Toolkit?

The WinMine Toolkit is a set of tools for Windows 2000/NT/XP that allow you to build statistical models from data. The majority of the tools are command-line executables that can be run in scripts. Click here or on the icon to see an overview of the files that come with the toolkit.

The WinMine Toolkit is not to be used for commercial purposes. Development of the toolkit was performed by the same team that has contributed to the data-mining technologies in Microsoft's SQL Server database product.

   Download the WinMine Toolkit

        Simply click here or on the icon and follow the instructions.

Online Tutorial

Once you have download the toolkit, you can step through the online tutorial to gain familiarity with the tools. We recommend that you complete this tutorial, which only takes a few minutes, before using the tools for other applications.


The WinMine Toolkit is periodically updated as we make improvements and fixes. You can periodically visit the update page to see if you should download a fresh version of the tools. You can also provide us with your email either when you download the tools or by sending us mail, and we will include you on the mailing list. Click here or on the icon to go to the update page.

   Discussion Group

There is a mailing list that you can use to discuss the WinMine Toolkit with others. To add yourself to the mailing list, you can visit the wmtalk page, or simply send a blank email to To remove yourself from the list, you can send a blank email to


There is a technical report available if you would like to reference the WinMine Toolkit in a publication. This report currently contains the information contained on this page. In the future, it will also contain details of the algorithms used.

  Contact Information

        Please send mail to with any questions or comments.