Version 2.0 of WinMine now available!

The major functional changes to the tools are as follows:

1. Complete tables can now be used for the local distributions. For
now, if you use any complete-table distribution, *all*
distributions must be complete tables. Only complete data can be
used when the local distributions are complete tables.

2. You can now specify both partial-order constraints and
forbidden-edges constraints. These are specified in the plan

3. For Bayes nets with complete tables, you can view the compelled
and reversable edges using DnetBrowser.exe.

4. Some advanced import options have been added to DataConverter.exe

Some bug fixes:

1. DnetLogscore.exe was not correctly computing the posterior for a
node when (a) Markov-blanket inference was being used and (b) the
target node was missing in the data.

2. The code for guessing model-as-binary was not implementing the
algorithm described in the tutorial

Some subtle changes that could cause problems when using scripts:

1. The '-acyclic' flag in DnetLogscore.exe has changed to '-mblanket'
to avoid confusion with the '-acyclic' flag used by Dnet.exe

2. The default number of split points to try for continuous variables
has changed from one to seven.