Welcome to the technical program of INM'06, presented on Monday 11 Sept 2006 as part of SIGCOMM'06.

The title of each paper is a link to the PDF of the published version of the paper.

Session 1: Changing the Network to be More Dynamic
09.00 - 10.30, Session Chair: Gisli Hjalmtysson

Session 2: Changing the Architecture of Network Management
11.00 - 12.30, Session Chair: Geoffrey Xie

Session 3: Measurement for Management
13.30 - 15.00, Session Chair: Eugene Ng

Session 4: Policy and Management
15.30 - 16.45,Session Chair: Rolf Stadler

Panel: Can we do experimental research in network management?
17.00 - 18.00, Panel Organizers: Paul Francis and Taieb Znati

 Kenjiro Cho (IIJ and WIDE)
 Jay Lepreau (University of Utah and Emulab)
 Jennifer Rexford (Princeton University)

While researchers have had success in studying specific aspects of network management, such as routing algorithms and anomaly detection, there has been little success in the study of network management "in the large": that is, the broader problems of planning, installation, configuration, provisioning, testing, monitoring, and debugging. No doubt one of the reasons is that network management in the large is such a vast problem space. Another reason, however, is that we have few if any good tools and methods for doing experimental network management. This panel explores issues in experimental network management research: Do we need a network management data repository? If so, what should be in that repository and how can we obtain it? Can we build synergy towards an open set of network management tools, and if so how can those tools be used in practice? How can we exploit emerging experimental research infrastructures like GENI? For instance, how can different management experiments be run on GENI virtual networks without compromising those networks? These and other questions will be discussed.

Questions posed to the panel.