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In many ways, computer network management remains the least understood aspect of networking. There are no well-established principles to guide the design of network management and no scientific theory that supports reasoning about and controlling the state of a network.

This workshop will provide an opportunity to elevate our collective experiences with IP networks into principles and ideas that can be implemented today or carried forward into the clean-slate design of new networks that intrinsically support management, rather than treating it as a bolt-on afterthought.

We seek original and thought provoking ideas, case studies, experimental results, position papers, and clean slate designs. Submissions concerning special-purpose networks, such as VoIP, content distribution, or mobile wireless, are welcomed. The workshop will provide a forum for exchange of experience, challenges, and work-in-progress discussions.

Topics of interest include:

  • new abstractions for network configuration management;
  • new control plane architectures;
  • data plane mechanisms to support management;
  • autonomous network management systems with predictive/proactive behaviors
  • ensuring stability and coherent behavior in distributed and/or autonomous systems
  • management of backbone, access, enterprise and home networks and network-based applications;
  • techniques and experiments for evaluating network management architectures;
  • requirements for experimental platforms that support network management research;
  • comparisons between IP network management and ATM, SONET, or telephony management
  • defining and enforcing network borders;
  • automatic and adaptive control of networks;
  • cross-layer interactions, including IP/Optical or Servers/IP;
  • hitless planned maintenance;
  • fault and performance management;

Submission of Papers:

Submissions should be no more than 6 pages long, two columns, and in PDF (file size limit is 2 MB). The review process will be single-blind - please include author information in your submission. Submissions must be original work not under review at any other workshop, conference, or journal.

Submission site:


Abstract Registration Deadline: 8 May 2006 at 11:59pm EDT - Hard deadline
Paper Submission Deadline: 12 May 2006 at 11:59pm EDT - Hard deadline
Notification of Acceptance: 9 June 2006
Camera Ready Deadline: 19 June 2006
Workshop Date: 11 Sept 2006