Daniel C. Robbins

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The work here is presented in images, videos, Flash prototypes, and academic papers.
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Traditional pan and zoom techniques pose a challenge when navigating large information spaces on smartphones and other small-form-factor mobile devices. Our most recent project is ZoneZoom.

  • Divide view into nine segments
  • Map each segment to one of the number keys on a cel phone
  • Press number key: animate view to show selected segment
  • Quickly release key (tapping): view stays on selected segment
  • Releases key after holding down for more than a moment: view returns to the original view ("glance" at different areas)
  • Redivide current by pressing on the pound # key

We have optimized a specific implementation of the ZoneZoom technique for user as a Seattle area traffic conditions map navigator called SmartPhlow. A comprehensive explanation of the ZoneZoom technique is included in our AVI 2004 paper. SmartPhlow downloads a very small amount of data (250 bytes) from the WSDOT web site. This data is then used to change the color of road segments on a navigable map. We encourage you to download SmartPhlow and install it on your own Microsoft Smartphone!


If you don't see a video player above this, you can download the video by right clicking on the link listed below this warning and choosing "Save As..." from your browser.

ZoneZoom Video (58mb)

SmartPhlow Video (28mb)