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Daniel C. Robbins

The Video

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For best viewing we recommend viewing the VHS video-tape version of this demo rather than the following low-resolution MPG video.

You will probably have to turn your volume way up to hear the narration (starts 16 seconds into the video)


  • Right clicking on the video (and using the context menu) should give you the ability to display the video FULL SCREEN (recommended), stop the video, and play the video. 
  • You can then exit from FULL Screen mode by hitting the escape key. 
  • This video does include Audio. You may need to adjust your volume for best results.
  • If this video does not automatically start, you may need to click on it.
  • This video is displayed using the Microsoft Windows Media Player ActiveX control. It may only display correctly in Internet Explorer.
  • Failing that, open the video (video.mpg) directly from the file system (located in the root directory). 
  • Failing that, you may need to install the latest version of the Microsoft Windows Media Player.

You can also obtain VHS video-tape copies of this video by contacting: Daniel C. Robbins