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In July of 1999 Microsoft entered into a exploratory relationship with Fox Studios for the upcoming production of Minority Report. Microsoft would contribute monetarily to cross-marketing efforts and in return would gain significant product placement. As an adjunct to that relationship, the design department for the production had a meeting with several groups at Microsoft to see if there were any design synergies. After reviewing our first pass of ideas, Fox chose to work with me as the lead outside research design consultant. I made several visits to the Fox lot in LA to meet with the production staff. We exchanged ideas and briefs and I eventually provided mockups of user interface design for the police helmet, outdoor kiosks, and conceptual virtual information spaces. The project was exciting and full of potential. Unfortunately, the project was put on indefinite hiatus so that Steven Spielberg could work full-time on AI. The production did eventually resume but without the marketing involvement of Microsoft. Because of this, the research relationship was also not renewed.

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