Full list: http://research.microsoft.com/~dcr/work.htm

Microsoft Research, UI Designer, 96 – present

Conceptualized, designed, prototyped and evangelized cutting edge 2D, 3D and mobile UI. Published extensively, influenced strategic directions for Microsoft product groups.


TapGlance: Designed and prototyped a unified interface for Smartphones, 2008

FaThumb: Devised a facet-based interface for mobile search, 2006

Phlat: Spec’ed an extensible interfaces for desktop search and filtering, 2006

ZoneZoom: Created novel technique for navigating spatial data on a smartphone, 2004

Surface: Prototyped initial applications (Paint, Shell, Pinball) for multi-user interactive surface, 2003

The Scope: Created working UI for peripheral awareness of critical information, 2002

Task Gallery: Developed overall metaphor and assets for breakthrough 3D Shell Prototype, 2000

Data Mountain: Fashioned interaction techniques and presentation for 3D Favorites, 1998

Microsoft Advanced Authoring Tools, UI Designer, 95 – 96

Designed new "shells" for suite of multimedia authoring products and basic interaction techniques

Any Channel, 94 to 95: Level Designer for "Po'd" console video game (Playstation, 3DO)

Avid Technology, 94: 3D UI Design Consultant for 3D video editing effects

Brown University: Computer Graphics Group, UI Designer, 87 to 95

Explored new paradigms for 3D Interaction with NASA Ames and Autodesk

Developed 3D gestural interfaces for virtual reality: 3D deformations, Interactive-shadows, 3D Toolkit

Defined prototype 3D interactive illustration: Creature Construction Set

Designed high-end video conferencing and editing system for NSF Science and Technology Center

Drawings for Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice (Foley, van Dam, Feiner, & Hughes), 87-89

National Museum of Natural History, Exhibits Design Intern, Summer 84

National Museum of American Art, Exhibits Design Intern, Summer 82