Daniel C. Robbins

User Interface Designer

Microsoft Expression

Microsoft Corporation

One Microsoft Way

Redmond, WA 98052

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I will create tools that enable people to express their inner creativity – and then use them!


Brown University: Fine Arts BA, 87-91


47 Filed, 12 issued


Full list: http://research.microsoft.com/~dcr/work.htm

Microsoft Expression Blend, UI Designer, 2008 – present

Driving the UI design for future versions of Blend (an interactive design tool), specifically in the areas of Visual Programming, integrated workspaces, and zoomable canvases.

Creating prototypes and specifications that highlight new feature areas and new interaction techniques.

Microsoft Research, UI Designer, 96 – 2008

Conceptualized, designed, prototyped and evangelized cutting edge 2D, 3D and mobile UI. Published extensively, influenced strategic directions for Microsoft product groups.

  • Kodu: Refined programming interface & created prototype characters for 3D game builder, 2008
  • TapGlance: Designed and prototyped a unified interface for Smartphones, 2008
  • Phlat: Spec'ed an extensible interfaces for desktop search and filtering, 2006
  • ZoneZoom: Created novel technique for navigating spatial data on a smartphone, 2004
  • Surface: Prototyped initial applications (Paint, Shell, Pinball) for multi-user interactive surface, 2003
  • The Scope: Created working UI for peripheral awareness of critical information, 2002
  • Task Gallery: Developed overall metaphor and assets for breakthrough 3D Shell Prototype, 2000
  • Data Mountain: Fashioned interaction techniques and presentation for 3D Favorites, 1998

Microsoft Advanced Authoring Tools, UI Designer, 95 – 96

Designed new "shells" for suite of multimedia authoring products and basic interaction techniques

Any Channel, 94 to 95: Level Designer for "Po'd" console video game (Playstation, 3DO)

Avid Technology, 94: 3D UI Design Consultant for 3D video editing effects

Brown University: Computer Graphics Group, UI Designer, 87 to 95

National Museum of Natural History, Exhibits Design Intern, Summer 84

National Museum of American Art, Exhibits Design Intern, Summer 82



Full list: http://research.microsoft.com/~dcr/work/publications/publications.htm

TapGlance: Designing a Unified Smartphone Interface, Robbins, et al, DIS 2008

The Task Gallery: a 3D window manager, Robertson, et al, SIGCHI 2000

Three-dimensional widgets, Conner, et al, I3D 1992


3DS Max, Flash, ActionScript, Blend, Photoshop, video-editing, wood-working, sculpture


Please contact Mary Czerwinski (marycz@microsoft.com), George Robertson (ggr@microsoft.com), and Andries van Dam (avd@cs.brown.edu)