Daniel C. Robbins

Ner Tamid 1

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Our family belongs to a new synagogue, Kol Haneshamah, located in West Seattle. We rent the space from a church and have a rapidly growing congregation. Our ark was made by members, the services are co-lead by members and our Rabbi and I made our Ner Tamid. Because we share the space with a church, everything has to be portable -- no hanging nertamid.

I designed the ner tamid using a combination of 3D Studio and Sketchup. I then cut the design out on a laser-cutter from birch plywood. The parts were assembled and glued together with glass vessels. Because of the portable nature of the ner tamid, it currently uses candles for a light source. I hope, eventually, to "upgrade" to solar or rechargeable battery powered light-source.

Here are photos of the completed Ner Tamid:

Below are some images of the design as it went through various stages.