Daniel C. Robbins

Huppah Poles

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Used at our wedding and about 20 others!

I made these huppah (also called Chuppah) poles from cherry stained pine. The top is is clad with a copper laminate which is engraved with the first names and Hebrew dates of everyone who has used them at their wedding. They have been primarily used in Seattle but they were also once shipped to Toronto for a wedding. For the summer of 2006 they will be in at least 5 weddings!

The poles themselves are quite light. At our wedding, four people hand-held the poles for the entire ceremony -- and it was a long ceremony since we had four rabbi's in attendance.

Alternatively, people have used four cement stands that I custom made to hold the poles. Each stand essentially is a hemisphere with a hole that can accept a huppah pole. Since these cement stands are so heavy, they can easily be used outside in gale force winds.. The bottom of each stand is covered in carpet so that they can be used inside.

The poles attach to huppahs via small metal hooks at the top of each pole. Loops of fabric can be temporarily sewn at each corner of a huppah or grommets can be attached to each corner.

Some people have used two of the cement stands to display the huppah during their reception. See this picture for an illustration. To use this display configuration, one need only attach two corners of the huppah.

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Dimensions and Construction Details

Images from Various Weddings