Positions Available at Microsoft Research Asia


If you are a computer scientist with a Ph.D. degree and you want to change the world,

we want to talk to you!


Microsoft Research Asia is Microsoft’s fundamental research arm in the

Asia Pacific region. With the passion, creativity, and technical excellence of

its researchers, it has emerged as one of the world’s most preeminent computer

science research labs within merely a decade.


As the 21st century unfolds, we look forward to the coming scientific and

technology innovations poised to change the world and the way we live.

We invite you, the best and brightest minds in computer science, to join our

adventure to be not just an observer of the great things to come but be

a creator of what the future should be.


At MSRA, researchers enjoy maximum  freedom in conducting scientific research.

At the same time, MSRA provides efficient technology transform mechanisms to

help researchers make social and industrial impacts in a wide range of application



We are currently seeking applicants to fill jobs in the following areas: information

retrieval, web infrastructure and data management, text and data mining,

natural language processing, machine learning, social computing, mobile computing,

auction and game theory, multiagent and intelligent system, and human

computer interaction.  


Applicants are expected to have:

broad knowledge and expertise in computer science and mathematics,

including  information theory, statistical inferences, database, natural language

processing, systems, information retrieval, and related areas.

hands-on system and prototyping skills.

excellent communication and organizational skills.

team work spirit.


Please send your English CV to Dr. Chin-Yew Lin via email: cyl at microsoft.com


Microsoft Research Asia

5/F, Beijing Sigma Center

No.49, Zhichun Road, Hai Dian District

Beijing China 100190