Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning

This page offers access to all of the figures from Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning (except for the photographs in Figures 4.8 and A.4). Copyright in these figures is owned by Christopher M. Bishop. Permission is hereby given to download and reproduce the figures for non-commercial purposes including education and research, provided the source of the figures is acknowledged.

I am very grateful to Markus Svensén who has prepared these figures.

The figures are available in JPG, PNG, PDF and EPS formats. Please note that many of the EPS figures have been created using MetaPost, which give them special properties, as described below.

All figures are available in single zipped folders, one for each format. Alternatively, individual figures can be downloaded below. Figure files are named as in the book, e.g., Figure 1.1 is available as the file Figure1.1.jpg/.png/.pdf/.eps. Where a single figure in the book consists of several sub-figures, these are labelled a, b, c, ..., e.g., Figure1.4a.jpg, Figure1.4b.jpg, Figure1.4c.jpg and so on, corresponding to a left-to-right, top-to-bottom ordering. This 'sub-labelling' is sometimes, but not always used in the book.

The EPS figures

Many of the EPS figures have been created using MetaPost. These figures, which are marked (MP) in the table below, are suitable for inclusion in LaTeX documents that are ultimately rendered as postscript documents (or PDF documents produced from postscript, e.g., using Ghostscript or Acrobat Distiller). However, they are not suitable for inclusion in other types of documents, nor can they be viewed on screen using postscript screen viewers such as Ghostview; this usually also affects DVI screen viewers.

Almost all other EPS figures have been produced using Matlab. Several of these contains LaTeX fonts and this confuses postscript screen viewers such as Ghostview, to which the EPS figure appears to be missing its bounding box. However, these figures will still display on screen and the bounding box will be picked up correctly when these figures are used in LaTeX.

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