TAL-GC proofs (in ascii)

July 14, 2006: posted annotated garbage collector, and meta-level proofs. (Older versions of these available here)

July 17, 2006: posted draft paper

July 19, 2006: the code posting tool wasn't updating the "annotated garbage collector" file properly, so there was an older, slightly messier version from July 12 posted until July 19. Now the code posting tool problem is fixed, and it has posted the July 14 version of the code.

Sep 1, 2006: posted a short note (with proofs) about the semantics of the circle operator from a modal logic perspective.

Sep 29, 2006: updated annotated garbage collector and meta-level proofs to replace the >>@ and >>* operators with the simpler, but equivalent, %<< operator.

Oct 2, 2006: revised draft paper (pdf)