Jonathan M. Carlson

Following is a roughly reverse chronological list of all my publications. Many of these are behind paywalls, though we do our best to pursue open access when possible. Please don't hesitate to email me if you would like a copy. You may also find some of the full texts over on ResearchGate. Citation data is available here. Joint first author papers are denoted by *; joint corresponding authors are denoted by #.

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  • Phylogenetic dependency networks: Identifying patterns of adaptation in HIV
    Jonathan M. Carlson
    Doctoral Dissertation, Dept. Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington, February 2009.
    UW distinguished dissertation, Council of Graduate School's distinguished dissertation semi-finalist.
  • Creation of a Relational Database for Identifying Functional DNA Sequence Motifs in A. thaliana and Other Genomes
    Jonathan M. Carlson
    Undergraduate Honors thesis, Dept. Biology, Dartmouth College, June 2003.
    Dartmouth Kemeny Computing prize and Reed Biology Award