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Academic Degrees

  • Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park, 2006
  • M.S., University of Maryland, College Park, 2002
  • M.S., Yonsei University, 1998
  • B.S., Yonsei University, 1996
Bongshin Lee

Computational User Experiences (CUE) Group

<my first name>
(425) 704-0779  
Microsoft Research
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052, USA
Research Interests
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Information Visualization
  • User Interfaces and Interaction Techniques
  • SketchInsight, TouchWave
  • Visual Framing
  • GraphTrail, MultiLinks, DiffMatrix
  • End-User Descriptions of Vis
  • CueT, ManiMatrix, EnsembleMatrix
  • ...
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