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This list is definitely incomplete, but it is my best effort in recording some of the press articles about my projects.

 PocketTouch PocketTouch


 OmniTouch OmniTouch

  Multi Touch Pen

  Rock & Rails

Microsoft Touch Mouse


Orb Mouse Mouse 2.0
  •   Microsoft Research: Buttons Beat Multitouch Mouse   - Gizmodo (8/31/10)
  •   The Future of Mice (If there is one) - “While touring Microsoft's Hardware division, I saw some concept mice that renewed my faith in the quintessential desktop accessory, ones that had capacitive touch surfaces and cameras that enabled an array of precision multitouch gesture.” - Gizmodo
  •  “But Microsoft's also likely to get attention for a family of touch-sensitive computer mice exploring different ways its multitouch technologies could be incorporated into the lowly peripheral. They're making their public debut today at UIST, where Microsoft is a primary sponsor.” -
  •   “Multi-touch technologies are all the rage, letting people use multiple fingers to zoom, pinch and manipulate objects on screen in everything from the iPhone to Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 7 operating system. But what about multi-touch on a mouse? That was the challenge taken up by researchers from Microsoft’s Applied Sciences Group and Microsoft Research. They’re presenting their prototypes, and their findings, at this week’s User Interface Software and Technology conference in Victoria, B.C. They gave TechFlash a sneak peek on a recent visit to the Microsoft campus, as shown in the video above.” - TechFlash
  •   “Multitouch screens add a couple hundred bucks to the price of a monitor or laptop screen, but Microsoft's Applied Sciences group is working to make it more available to the masses with peripherals. We got a sneak peek at five mouse concepts that read multitouch gestures from MS's Dan Rosenfield and Shahram Izadi. There no word on when any of 'em will be mass-produced.” -
  •   “Our hope is that these designs will trickle down to one or two different mice that are shown here, it's plain that a more versatile kind of mouse could make multitouch input more than just a screen-based interface.” - CNET
  •   “It’s hard for me to imagine using a computer without a mouse. I don’t even like using a track pad on my notebook for too long before I connect an external mouse. Mice today are all basically the same in design and the technology that is used. Microsoft has unveiled a series of five new mouse prototypes that give hints of what the company sees for the future of the input device.” -
  •   Microsoft Research shows off multitouch mouse prototypes - Paul Miller, Engadget (10/5/09)
  • PC Pro (UK): Microsoft unveils the multi-touch mouse
  • TechRadar (UK): In pictures: Microsoft's Mouse 2.0 concepts
  • PC Advisor (UK): Microsoft to launch multi-touch mouse? 
  • Gearlog: Microsoft Unveils Mouse 2.0

Dome Pinch-the-Sky Dome

Sphere Sphere

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