Andy Wilson

TouchLight: An Imaging Touch Screen and Display for Gesture-Based Interaction

Andrew D. Wilson
Microsoft Research

A novel touch screen technology is presented. TouchLight uses simple image processing techniques to combine the output of two video cameras placed behind a semi-transparent plane in front of the user. The resulting image shows objects that are on the plane. This technique is well suited for application with a commercially available projection screen material (DNP HoloScreen) which permits projection onto a transparent sheet of acrylic plastic in normal indoor lighting conditions. The resulting touch screen display system transforms an otherwise normal sheet of acrylic
plastic into a high bandwidth input/output surface suitable for gesture-based interaction. Image processing techniques are detailed, and several novel capabilities of the system are outlined.

Wilson, A. D. 2004. TouchLight: an imaging touch screen and display for gesture-based interaction. In Proceedings of the 6th international Conference on Multimodal interfaces (State College, PA, USA, October 13 - 15, 2004). ICMI '04. ACM, New York, NY, 69-76.

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