Andy Wilson

DocuDesk: An Interactive Surface for Creating and Rehydrating Many-to-Many Linkages among Paper and Digital Documents

Katherine M. Everitt1,2, Meredith Ringel Morris1, A.J. Bernheim Brush1, Andrew D. Wilson1
1Microsoft Research 2University of Washington

Knowledge workers often undertake tasks that involve a variety of information artifacts, including both paper and digital documents. In this paper, we first summarize findings from a study that illustrate some of the challenges of managing tasks that include both paper and digital content. We then introduce DocuDesk, a prototype interactive desk that demonstrates interaction techniques for establishing many-to-many linkages among paper and digital documents which can be used to quickly “rehydrate” task state.

Everitt, K.M.; Morris, M.R.; Brush, A.J.B.; Wilson, A.D. 2008. DocuDesk: An interactive surface for creating and rehydrating many-to-many linkages among paper and digital documents. In Proceedings of 3rd IEEE International Workshop on Horizontal Interactive Human Computer Systems (Oct 1-3, 2008). TABLETOP 2008, 25 - 28

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