textalk - A wyxiwig presentation tool

Textalk is a LaTeX macro package plus perl script that converts LaTeX to HTML presentations. The LaTeX is converted to a GIF at screen resolution, so what you xdvi is what you get.

You can embed raw HTML in the LaTeX, so you can also embed movies and VRML models directly into the presentation.


Download version 1.2 (October 2000)
Download version 1.1 (August 1999)


Unpack the tarfile, choose an installation directory (e.g. /my/dir) and type
    make install prefix=/my/dir


To make a skeleton talk in the current directory, use the init action:
    textalk init
This makes a file called talk.tex in the current directory.

To LaTeX the file, type

    textalk latex talk
To run xdvi at the appropriate size, use
    textalk xdvi talk
To generate the HTML, run
    textalk talk
Finally, the HTML to preview is in talk.textalk/index.html
Andrew Fitzgibbon
Last modified: Sun Aug 29 14:46:00 BST 1999