Preparing conference posters in LaTeX.
By awf and capes, with thanks to dl and bascle

What you need:

We haven't gone to any great trouble to make this neat and tidy, but it works.

The posterkit-1.1.tar.gz archive contains all you need to duplicate the example poster. Copy the files somewhere, and type

latex poster
You'll need to use LaTeX2e, and probably teTeX. To preview at a reasonable size, use
xdvi -hush -s 15 -paper 118.8cmx84.1cm poster

To print, use

dvips -P a0 poster.dvi -o


When latexxing, remember that a0poster.cls and a0size.sty must be in the current directory, or on your TEXINPUTS path. When dvipsing, config.a0 and files should be in the current directory.

For other problems, let me know at