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SIG: Designs for the Home

CHI 2005 Conference
Portland, OR, USA
Tuesday, April 5
11:30 - 13:00
Conference Venue: B115-B116



In this Special Interest Group (SIG) we intend to consider the increasingly popular area of interactive systems design for the home. Aiming to incorporate a wide range of perspectives, the SIG’s participants will map out the growing number of research and development programs in the area. Particular emphasis will be given to how home life has been characterized in various programmatic visions and how the CHI community might best capitalize on these characterizations. The importance of an understanding of home life to inform design and future directions in this area will also be reflected on. This SIG is intended to appeal to a broad cross section of the CHI community, ranging from practitioners and developers to computer and social scientists.


Download full proposal in PDF format here.



abstract | proposal | organisers | resources