Alex Taylor, research scientist in the Socio-Digital Systems Group at Microsoft Research, Cambridge initiated the project Objects Incognito. His interests lie in studying people’s everyday routines, or social practices. In particular, he is interested in how embodied practices interleave with social order — in how the world comes to be organized in the ways that it is. (more...)

Anab Jain is a designer, researcher and filmmaker. Educated in India, Vienna and London (MA, RCA), she has worked as the design lead on this project. Anab's work is about people and everyday life today by informed visions and design, but also about how to best design for an uncertain future in a complex world. (more...)

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Laurel Swan is a PhD student at Brunel University in London, UK. She has spent several years thinking about the everyday practices and routines of family life, and what makes a home a home. Her research interests include lists, fridges, clutter, photos and most recently robots.

Simon Denzel is a product designer currently completing his MA in Design Products at the RCA, London. Simon is responsible for styling and making the LIVING RADIO prototype. (more...)

Socio-Digital Systems (SDS), Microsoft Research Cambridge (MSRC)
Stuart Taylor, SDS
Mike Molley, SDS
Bristol Robotics Lab (BRL)
Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby
Jon Ardern (for all the help with prototypying and photography)

Thanks to Thea Swayne, Jim Kosem, Nim Folb for agreeing to 'pose' for the photo shoots.