Objects Incognito is a speculative design project by Anab Jain and Alex Taylor (both members of the Socio-Digital Systems group at Microsoft Research in Cambridge). The project consists of a series of objects and future scenarios related to new and emerging technologies. Specifically, the objects and scenarios are designed to reveal some of the taken for granted and sometimes conflicting positions that underlie our use of the word intelligence.
The project is ongoing, and prototypes, scenarios and films are currently being developed. However you can get a sneak preview of some of the initial work on the Museum of Modern Art’s 'Design and the Elastic Mind' website. (The Design and Elastic Mind exhibition at MoMA, New York is on from 24th Feb to 12th May 2008)

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Sketch of the gubbins, before they took their final form.

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Currently only the content for the link "domestic gubbins" is uploaded and you can view the videos. We are uploading other content as soon as possible.