In the theme 'RFID and Body Readers', we imagine a future where RFID tagging has become commonplace in our environment, in everyday objects, and in living organisms, including our own bodies. Re-writable, open-source tagging systems allow people to instrument their environments for aesthetic reasons. This 'hacking' extends to the body, as nano-scale sensors, both on and off the body, enhance the capabilities of individuals to attribute content and meaning to the world around them.
The tagging systems are used as a performative resource as people manipulate, extend and constantly update their digital selves. The digital landscapes blend with the physical; beautiful, accessory like readers are carried and worn to sense the ever-changing social and spatial digital environment.

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The above image is a glimpse of one of our scenarios, where RFID tagged wearable devices can be used ornamentally. We are currently developing the designs and prototypes, and more information will be uploaded shortly.


This image shows an extreme scenario where RFID tagging becomes a means of celebrating specific identities and social groupings. People even adorn themselves with elaborate tattoo-like antennas to transmit sensory information across relatively large distances. Notions of privacy are dramatically altered as what we have known to be invisible is made visible and even appropriated into a new aesthetic sensibility.