Night and darkness: Interaction after dark

CHI 2008 Conference
Workshop Call for Participation:

Many of us work and socialize late into the night, some increasingly so. However, most information technology is still designed in the daytime with little thought given to its behavior or use after dark, even if the technology itself can sense the darkness. How then might the behavior of our technology change as night falls?


The aim of this workshop is to use the themes of darkness, safety, nighttime people and nighttime activities to explore new opportunities for interaction design. Running through the afternoon and evening, the workshop will allow for the brief presentation of position papers, but most activity will focus on group-based discussion and design exercises, followed by an in-situ brainstorm of design ideas in the darkness of Florence. A workshop blog will be maintained after the workshop, allowing for participants to continue discussions, form collaborations and, hopefully, co-ordinate plans for future research.


Date: 6 April 2008

Time: 13:00 - 21:30

Venue: Central Pavilion, Fortezza da Basso congress center

Location: Florence, Italy


Schedule and pre-workshop activity

List of positon papers

Workshop weblog


At least one author of accepted papers needs to register for the workshop and for one day of the conference.



Wendy March, Intel Research
Dawn Nafus, Intel Research
Laurel Swan, Brunel University
Alex Taylor, Mirosoft Research

A workshop at the CHI 2008 Conference