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amar phanishayee

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                Phone: +1 (425) 707 5743
                email: amar [at] microsoft [dot] com

Hi! I am a Researcher at Microsoft Research in Redmond.

The goal of my research is to enable the creation of high-performance, efficient, and reliable systems for large-scale data-intensive computing. To this end, in my work:
(i) I analyze the performance of algorithms and systems that run on multi-core machines and large-scale clusters, and
(ii) design, build, and empirically evaluate systems to address the research goals above.

In this context, my work so far has addressed a range of problems that span the systems stack:

As a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University I worked with Dave Andersen. I led/co-led three projects there: FAWN, Incast, and Ditto.

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